Discovering your ‘face shape’

Welcome back to the latest instalment from Diva Dressing.

In this blog post I’m sharing my top tips for maximizing your ‘face shape’ and providing advice on what to avoid.

Oval shaped face

Try a variety of styles.  Just about any hair shape looks good on you. Your ‘perfect’ features allow you to wear a wider range of styles than any other face shape. Have you ever noticed the majority of models fall into this shape? And how many different hair styles they can wear?

You can wear short, medium and long hair styles. Your face shape is well ‘balanced’ or in even proportion. You will look best when styling your hair off your face. Most oval faces can wear slicked-backed looks as well.


Hair styles that cover up your ‘perfect’ features with heavy bangs, or too forward-directed styles.

In wearing your hair style on your face, you’ll lose your face shape behind the hair. This may appear to add weight to your face


Rectangular or oblong shaped face

Try styles with short to medium lengths.  Fullness at the sides of your face and wispy bans soften the look of longer face shapes. You’ll want to balance the look of a long and slender face. Soft wispy bangs will shorten the appearance of the length. Fullness at the sides of your face will add width to the look of your face shape.

By cutting the hair into a short or medium length, the outline of the cut will also shorten the look of the length of the face. Layers work great with your face shape, as they will add softness to the straight lines in your face. Try side parts, and you may be able to wear straight back styles.


Too much hair length …. This will make you face look even longer! Too much height lengthens your face. Center parts look great on people with a rectangular or oblong face shape. When your hair grows past you shoulders, there is a good chance it is doing you more harm than good. The models with rectangular face shapes and long hair get by with it only because they have an ‘on call’ hairdresser. This professional is at the models disposal and is styling to add fullness to the hair most of the day. Since most of us don’t have this luxury, my suggestion is to keep it above shoulder length.


Round shaped face with a round chin & hairline

Try hair styles with fullness and height at the crown. Off center parts help reduce the roundness around the face3.Wispy bangs will soften the angular shape. Off-center parts with height at the crown look great on square faces. You want to soften the square look of your face with layers and wispy looks around the face. Height at the crown will elongate you symmetrical shape. If you hair is straight you may want to consider a body wave, as some curl or wave to the hair will achieve a nice balance to the straight features of you face shape.


Long straight styles that accentuate the square jawbone. Linear’ straight bangs or center partings aren’t the best choice. A straight bob ending at the jaw line is the wrong Thing to do for you face shape. You can wear a layered bob; however it should end above or below the jaw line, not at the jaw. Mare sure in styling that you achieve some roundness though the shape and some height at the crown or bangs and you will be on the right tract.


Heart shaped face – wide at the temples and hairline, narrowing to a small delicate chin

Try chin-length or longer styles work well with a heart shaped face. Other styles to try – side-parted hair styles or swept-forward layers around the upper face with gently wispy bangs. A chin length bob is great on your face shape! This creates a balanced book by giving fullness where you need it. You can wear shorter styles; however, if you are a dramatic heart shape you need to leave weight in the back nape area. This will achieve more balance between your dramatic cheekbones and narrower chin.


Short, full styles that emphasize the upper face. Stay away from styles with too much height at the crown.  Severe, slicked back looks are too harsh for this shape too. If you are a dramatic heart shape, the short, full styles with tapered necklines, which emphasize the upper face, will make you look top heavy. Too much height at the crown will give the appearance of a longer and narrower chin, Just remember if you have a dramatic heart shape face you have great cheekbones to emphasize, don’t miss the boat by getting a cut which is too top heavy.


Triangular shaped face – a dominant jaw line with narrowing at the cheek bone and temples

Try shorter hair that balances prominent jaw line. Styles that are full at the temples and taper at the jaw are perfect for you. Off center partings, wedges and Shags look great on you too. You need lots of layers to achieve fullness through the upper part of your face. By wearing styles which are full at the temples and taper at the jaw line, you achieve a balance that can be striking in accentuating features otherwise understated. Try tucking hair behind you ears, as this will draw attention to your eyes and add the illusion of width in this area.


Long, full hair styles that draw attention to jaw line. Center parts – off – center is more flattering to you.

Stay away from styles with too much height at the crown. You also want to avoid putting most of the weight of a haircut at the jaw line and below. This will give the appearance of added weight to the face.

If going with long hair, it should be kept tight at the nape.


DIAMOND shaped face – widest at the cheekbones, and narrow equally at the forehead and jaw line

Try experimenting with a variety of styles. Almost everything works with your face (as long as you are a true diamond). You can wear shorter styles. However, if you are a dramatic diamond shape you need to leave weight in the back nape area like someone with a heart shaped face, this will achieve more balance between your dramatic cheekbones and more delicate chin line.


You can do just about everything, but try not to wear too much hair on your face, thereby hiding your great features.

So there you go, my top tips for getting the most out of your’ face shape’.

I’ll be back soon with more to share and in the meantime feel free to share your comments or pass the blog post on.

Bye for now

Sal x


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